Maximizing Productivity: The 7 Levels of Energy with Karen Shorey

Season #1 Episode #21

We cannot increase the amount of time in a day, but we can systematically expand and renew our energy.  Leaders traditionally do a good job of developing skills, knowledge, and competence, but we need to add a focus on how to build and sustain the energy of our team.  This significantly impacts productivity, engagement, employee experience, and results.

In this episode, Danny and Karen Shorey break down the 7 levels of energy, factors that drain energy, the costs of low energy, and strategies to create and renew energy.  

05:42 - The 7 Levels of Energy

23:10 - The 7 Ways to Look at a Situation

24:36 - Factors That Drain Energy

31:00 - The Costs of Low Energy

34:36 - Strategies to Create & Renew Energy

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