Beaten, but Not Defeated: How I Went from a "Vote of No Confidence" to Creating a Winning Culture and Championship Team #culture #dannylangloss #empathy #leadershipexcellencepodcast #listening #rapport #trust Nov 08, 2022

I found myself completely dejected, beaten down, and feeling hopeless. 

I had just finished a phone call with one of my closest friends. We had worked together at the police department in the Detective Division for five years. I was the detective sergeant and he was one of three...

5 MindSet Shifts to Achieve Incredible Success #dannylangloss #leadershipexcellencepodcast Oct 21, 2022

Last week, I went to Sauk Valley Community College and had the chance to meet 15 of the best and brightest high school seniors from across a 6-county region. These students are in the Sauk Valley Academy, which is an accelerated program where they complete their senior year and freshman year of...