Leading an Education Evolution with Dr. PJ Caposey

Season #1 Episode #22

Educators are life-changers, and because of this, their profession needs to display the highest levels of leadership and innovation.  In this episode, Dr. PJ Caposey shares how his battle with cancer, that began in his teenage years, has led to a blueprint for an education evolution.  

PJ has witnessed first-hand how the medical system depends on each other, works together, listens to research and implements incredible change at the speed of light.  His vision is to create a framework that brings that same evolution to the education system across our entire country.  

11:20 - The teacher that changed PJ's life
15:30 - The Impact of leadership: Planting Seeds
19:00 - The Transferable Lessons from the Medical Field
23:30 - Creating a Mindset Shift
33:30 - The 3 Components of an Education Evolution
56:30 - PJ's Call to Action

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