Leading the Whole Person with Anthony Amunategui

Season #1 Episode #23

If we take care of our people, they will take care of the results.  As leaders we must lead the whole person with a focus on helping them become better human beings.  When we help our people get better, our companies get better.  

During this episode, Danny and Anthony Amunategui discuss mindset, controlling addictions, understanding the impact of our emotions, and some high level communication strategies that change the game.

About Anthony:

Anthony started out in construction with his own painting company where he revolutionized part of the process for discovery zones builds and compressed the schedule significantly. This became a common thread for him throughout his career. 

After this, Discovery Zone brought Anthony internal which relocated him to Chicago where he ultimately founded the CDO Group, the country's first true outsourced construction management company. Since that point CDO Group has worked with some of the country's largest and most respected brands on everything from program planning to execution and general construction.

Now the company has 50+ team members and is generating more than $85 million in revenue a year.

If you are struggling from substance use disorder and are looking for help, here is the link to Anthony's AA Home Group and 24 hour virtual meetings Alcoholics Anonymous site:


A link to the suicide prevention site Anthony discussed:  https://angelforever.org/

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