Unleashing the Power of Our People featuring Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Season #1 Episode #17

Do you want to take employee loyalty, commitment, dedication, innovation, and passionate, discretionary effort to the next level within your team and organization? Do you truly want to unleash the full potential of your human capital? If the answer is yes, then this episode is for you.

During this conversation, world renowned leadership expert Dr. Jeffrey Magee and I talk about the 3 factors that maximize engagement,  how to create “A” performance, and the 5 levels of accountability.

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About Dr. Jeffrey Magee:

Coined a "Human Capital Expert", Dr. Magee is a C-Suite Coach utilized by many of the Fortune 100 firms, the ARMY National Guard, Federal Reserve, Farm Credit Banks, as well as Entrepreneurial business. His created and runs a signature managerial-leadership engagement development series THE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE®

He's the author of more than 20 books, is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine, and was twice selected to represent the United States at the World Congress as a Leadership Speaker, once in France and once in Austria.

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