Closing the Leadership Gap with Jeff Nischwitz

Season #2 Episode #32

Positional leadership says that to be a good leader, all you need is to be strategic and smart. But if you want to be a great leader, you must be committed to growing people as well.

In this episode, Jeff Nischwitz, Founder and Chief Story Debunker at The Nischwitz Group, talks about the essential elements  of 21st-century leader and why some people fail at leadership.

We also talk about the power of vulnerability, building trust in people, and being responsible for the impact that you make as a leader.

 Topics covered in this episode:
In this episode, we discuss:

[07:33] What does great leadership look like?
[14:17] Why some leaders fail
[19:22] Taking responsibility for the impact you make
[21:43] What vulnerability is and is not
[23:15] Being aware of your tolerance factor
[24:36] Giving and receiving trust
[35:11] Leaders are role models
[36:36]  “Great outcomes are always preceded by great discomfort”

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Have you heard about  Danny's "Ownership" concept?

Ownership is a team members extreme emotional and psychological connection to the goals of the organization, their team and the organization as a whole. Owners do things because it is important to them, not because they are told to do it.  Owners are constantly looking to get 1% better every day, always looking for ways to add layers of greatness to the organization, and proactive solve problems as they arise.

In Season 2, Episode 27, Danny breaks down Ownership and the 7 Pillars leaders can use to create it.


Jeff Nischwitz is the Founder and Chief Story Debunker of The Nischwitz Group, a speaking, consulting and coaching company that transforms people and organizations one story at a time!  Jeff helps businesses accelerate revenue, develop effective leaders, nurture high performing teams, and execute on their objectives.

Jeff is a speaker, author, accelerator, relationship builder, master storyteller, chief inquisitor, motivator, and story debunker. Jeff is the host of the Leadership Junkies Podcast.

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