7 Steps to a Time Freedom Lifestyle with Genesis Hey Krick

Season #2 Episode #36

As leaders we are always pulled in so many different directions.  In this episode, Genesis Hey Krick is going to share 

As leaders, we are always pulled in so many different directions. But it’s not just leaders; it’s also the people on our team.

There’s so much going on in our lives that we sometimes just get dragged along by our day instead of us running our day. Filling in multiple roles can be a lot, so finding a system that makes it work is so important.

Today on the podcast, Genesis Hey Krick is going to share her 7 Step Strategy on how to create a time freedom lifestyle that can help you achieve a work-life balance and put your energy into the things that matter.

Topics covered in this episode:

[05:52]  Overview of the seven steps to time freedom lifestyle
[07:39]  What does a ‘time freedom lifestyle’ mean?
[08:52]  Preparing the mind for change and success
[15:32]  Developing a self-care routine
[19:18]  Creating the right priorities
[25:51]  Managing your time effectively
[35:14]  Establishing new habits
[37:26]  Strengthening your relationships

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Have you heard about  Danny's "Ownership" concept?

Ownership is a team members extreme emotional and psychological connection to the goals of the organization, their team and the organization as a whole. Owners do things because it is important to them, not because they are told to do it.  Owners are constantly looking to get 1% better every day, always looking for ways to add layers of greatness to the organization, and proactive solve problems as they arise.

In Season 2, Episode 27, Danny breaks down Ownership and the 7 Pillars leaders can use to create it.


Genesis Hey Krick has been involved in the personal growth and development industry for over ten years and prides herself on helping individuals create successful lives through “time focus” and “prioritizing strategies”. She thrives on helping others achieve a balance of their personal and professional life and is diligent about encouraging busy working professionals to share their gifts and message with the world.

She is also a certified life and career coach and has worked across the spectrum with a focus on career development and setting life goals for her clients. She currently works one-on-one with individuals helping them to get clarity, create goals, strategic plans, and time management skills and provides group coaching. Her deepest passion is her speaking and she has inspired 1000’s of individuals through her motivational engagements.


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