How Improper Role Assignment Creates Insecurity and Dysfunction with Melanie Pump

Season #2 Episode #37

Jim Collins talks about the importance of getting the right people on the bus, but more importantly, he talks about getting these people on the right seat on the bus. 

In episode 34, Melanie Pump talked about how insecurity fuels defensiveness, envy, stress, and anxiety, and in general, decreased feelings of psychological safety in the workplace.

In this week’s episode, Melanie Pump shares the devastating impacts of having the wrong people in the wrong role, why this happens so frequently, and how to ensure we get the right people in the right role the first time.

In this episode, we discuss:

[03:50]  How insecurity impacts workplace culture
[05:36]  How skilled people may end up in the wrong role
[08:50]  Picking out the right candidate for promotion
[10:36]  What to do if you promoted a person to the wrong role
[15:07]  How to manage employees as your company evolves
[21:02]  Creating systems that put the right people in the right roles

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Click here to listen to Episode 34 – "Detox: Managing Insecurity in the Workplace with Melanie Pump"

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Melanie Pump grew up in a family that went bankrupt soon after she was born. By fifteen, she was a high school dropout. Today, she is Chief Financial Officer of Plank Ventures, a public investment firm that supports entrepreneurs.

During her more than 20 years of progressive corporate experience, Melanie has studied the impact leaders and workplace cultures have on employee security and performance.

Through her work, Melanie learned how to shape a corporate environment to create powerful teamwork, authentic communication, diverse creativity, and heartfelt loyalty. Melanie currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Brane in Vancouver, Canada.

She wrote her book, “Detox: Managing Insecurity in the Workplace” to help leaders and employees everywhere to learn how to truly thrive.

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