The Leadership Bank Account with Danny Langloss

Season #2 Episode #40

Are you paying attention to your leadership bank account? The leadership bank account is an account you have with every single member of your team. It is really a relationship account. This account is what creates or destroys trust. Every day we make deposits, and at times, every leader will make withdrawals.

In this episode, I outline 8 deposits, 4 "super deposits", and 11 withdrawals and talk about how to ensure we always keep our account full, trust high, and our relationships and influence strong.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Email me at [email protected] or interact with our post on LinkedIn that will publish on 11/23/2021.  This is such an important component of our leadership success.

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Have you heard about  Danny's "Ownership" concept?

Ownership is a team members extreme emotional and psychological connection to the goals of the organization, their team and the organization as a whole. Owners do things because it is important to them, not because they are told to do it.  Owners are constantly looking to get 1% better every day, always looking for ways to add layers of greatness to the organization, and proactive solve problems as they arise.

In Season 2, Episode 27, Danny breaks down Ownership and the 7 Pillars leaders can use to create it.