Dream and Achieve: Living Your Purpose with Lance Tanaka

Season #2 Episode #41

Do you lack energy and passion in your career and life? Are you fully aligned with your purpose? 

In a recent Gallop survey, 60% of people said they were rethinking their meaning and purpose at work. To fight the impacts of “The Great Resignation” leaders must be in-tune to what their people need from their work experience. Meaning and purpose are at the top.

In this episode, former Vice President of Pespi Lance Tanaka shares his “Dream and Achieve” framework to identify, create, and live your purpose. Our hope is for leaders to actively engage their people in the 3 pillars that allow us to be happy, fulfilled, and aligned in purpose.

In this episode, we discuss:

[03:20]  What is the purpose of the Dream and Achieve Framework?
[05:12]  Finding your element – what sets you on fire?
[11:55]  Approach to identifying your elements
[14:54]  The who, what, where, when of your elements
[20:13]  Setting the right environment for people to do amazing things
[21:56]  The importance of working towards a purpose
[28:08]  Setting realistic goals
[31:01]  Don’t worry about the money, worry about the people

The downloadable transcript for this episode is linked here.

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Have you heard about  Danny's "Ownership" concept?

Ownership is a team members extreme emotional and psychological connection to the goals of the organization, their team and the organization as a whole. Owners do things because it is important to them, not because they are told to do it.  Owners are constantly looking to get 1% better every day, always looking for ways to add layers of greatness to the organization, and proactive solve problems as they arise.

In Season 2, Episode 27, Danny breaks down Ownership and the 7 Pillars leaders can use to create it.

About Lance Tanaka:

Lance Tanaka is the Founder and Managing Director of The Lance Tanaka Group and has held top posts in the US and Asia with Pepsi-Cola Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan; he also was Vice President of International for Nike-Cole Haan in Hong Kong.

In his 20 years of coaching, Lance has worked with more than 800 executives from the top global organizations on finding authenticity and purpose.

He is the author of several books, including His 2019 book, “Stories from the Top: The 8 Core Leadership Challenges and How the Best Executive Overcame Them”, and his new book, “Dream and Achieve—Authenticity: Be the Leader You Were Designed to Be.”

Connect with Lance: