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Are You Struggling To Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn?

There are no shortage of LinkedIn coaches who promise to increase your engagement, grow your network, and, create more opportunities to increase revenue.

SO ... what sets The LinkedIn Advantage apart?

  • This course is a step by step blueprint for you to grow your personal brand and your impact on LinkedIn by establishing you as a unique thought leader through your content.
  • This is a course built by Business Leaders (not LinkedIn coaches) who have used content to attract a highly engaged an organic following. 
  • Creating more traffic through your content gives you the social proof and authority to attract more opportunities such as higher pay, speaking engagements, monetizing your knowledge.
  • Now we are providing you with several proven frameworks that allow you to save time and know exactly what to post and how to do it.   
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Hear Danny Langloss Share How He Unlocked the Potential of LinkedIn:

Click on this short video to here Danny Langloss talk about the success that he and Simon Parsons have had on LinkedIn by using content to attract our ideal following. 


Grow Your Network and Attract Your Ideal Clients.

Hi, I’m Danny Langloss. During the day, I’m the City Manager of Dixon, Illinois.

On the side, I’m a leadership consultant, coach, and keynote speaker. For more than 2 years, I made mistake after mistake trying to capitalize on the potential I knew LinkedIn represented. 

In 2022 it finally all came together. In just 4 months I went from 8,600 followers to more than

And within 8 months I blew past 40,000.

That’s when I went from achieving 600,000 views a year to more than 8.5 million. 

And, the best part is, once my engagement grew, new business opportunities started coming to me!

In the first several months I landed speaking engagements and consulting assignments.

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You Asked For Content Frameworks and More Engagement.

You asked for it so we are delivering! 

Before we created the LinkedIn Advantage, we put out a survey to find out what you wanted and what you needed most. 

You asked for help in getting more engagement on the platform as well as strategies that make it easier and faster for you to publish. 

We can save you countless hours of frustration and trying to figure it out on your own by giving you our proven frameworks. 

What's Inside The LinkedIn Advantage? 

Module 1:

Rock Your Profile Page!

In this module, we provide you with the precise tools and knowledge to not just hone your profile for maximum impact, but also position yourself as a leading expert in your industry. We will show you how to use search engine optimization techniques so that both LinkedIn users and Google searchers can find it quickly - resulting in maximum visibility!

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Module 2:

Becoming Magnetic!

Unlock the power of LinkedIn with this module and start building relationships that will last far into your career. Learn how to craft a persona that puts you at the center of attention, showcasing yourself as an expert and mentor - without getting lost in the background noise! Follow our steps to make sure your efforts won't go unnoticed.

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Module 3:

Posting Best Practices!

Before you take your content to the world, this module will help equip you with all of the necessary tools for success - from understanding when and how often it's best to post, which types of content are most effective in getting engagement on social media. Gear up now so that when its time hit "publish," your message is ready to make an impact!

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Module 4:

Creating Captivating Content!

Ready to skyrocket your content's engagement? Get ready for our signature module, where you'll learn the secrets behind Danny's record-breaking success! Here we provide an in-depth look at his tools of effective creation - from 'post breakdowns' to creative visual learning techniques. Don't miss this chance for a quantum leap forward with your online presence!

Start Making An Impact As A Leader!

Module 5:

Creating More Opportunities!

Ready to rev up your success? Gain the skills needed to drive your career forward with this platform and unlock more opportunities like speaking, consulting, podcasting, events planning hosting a coaching session or creating an online course! It's time for you to put on the pedal and see where it takes you.

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Bonus Stack:

Get our special bonuses that come with the LinkedIn Advantage including the replays of our Live Q&A, Simon Parson's PDF '50+ Content Ideas For LinkedIn' to help when you have writers block, Danny will also be releasing a royalty free Content Bank of sketch notes to help you make content creation. Also get access to an interview with Julie Hruska (voted top 50 most impactful people on LinkedIn) as she talks about how she used LinkedIn to quickly boot up her Executive Coaching business within months of her Yoga Studio being shut down due to the pandemic. 

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Limited Founding Members Pricing!

  • Module 1:  Rock Your Profile!
  • Module 2: Becoming Magnetic On LinkedIn!
  • Module 3: Posting Best Practices!
  • Module 4: Effective Content Frameworks
  • Module 5: Creating More Opportunities
  • Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access And Upgrades
Start Building Your Brand!

Full List Of Topics: 

Module 1: We'll start with an overview of all that you can do with your profile page. Then, step by step we'll help you revamp your profile page. Start by creating effective headlines, search engine optimization, creating your about section, creator mode, we'll also cover services, featured section and how to utilize services. 

Module 2: How to grow your tribe with the right people, best practices around connecting and growing your network, LinkedIn Navigator, branding & how to stand out, building a base of connections, creating calls to action and engaging with others, Superhero Exercise, establishing your content pillars. 

Module 3: Types of posts on LinkedIn, best practices around posting, hashtags, tagging, links, the algorithm (golden hour, 3 buckets, spam filters), do's and don'ts. 

Module 4: Effective content frameworks, The Bubble Exercise, 52 weeks of content ideas, Visual learning, Danny's Post Breakdown, The Hero's journey, Using AI to create content, the 4 types of content. 

Module 5: Using LinkedIn to create more opportunities, finding speaking gigs, sales and creating offers, growing a podcast, collaborating and joint ventures. 

Bonus Stack: Includes '50+ content ideas for LinkedIn',  Curated Content for Leaders, Interview with  Julie Hruska (top 50 most impactful people on LinkedIn) and more!

What Our Clients Have To Say:

Joyce Turchetti

I've just finished the course, The Linkedin Advantage, and not only do I have a clear vision of what needs to be done for the nonprofit, I was able to take away priceless words of wisdom that allowed me to come up with my own process to improve in my career as well. See that's what so special about his coaching abilities, he's giving you the way to open those doors yourself by teaching such valuable skills. 

Andrea Choate

In a relatively short period of time I’ve added over 500 new followers, watched post engagement increase from around 300-400 views to at times upwards of 3,500+ views. I’ve also been invited to be interviewed for a CEO magazine and to participate in a TV show that’s in development. Being that I provide a very unique and specialized service in my business, I attribute these successes to the knowledge gained in Simon’s course and the continued support that I receive.

Martha Perez

Your LinkedIn course is incredible. You managed to identify every single key component an online entrepreneur needs to be successful on LI and explain it in such a way that even a beginner can understand it. The live Q&A sessions that you host every week compliment the course so well too! In addition to all the lessons you’ve taught us, you also have invited some of the coolest guests to drop even more value! You have overdelivered! 

Lisa Goldenthal

I LOVE working with Simon and his LinkedIn course. There is a TON of valuable content and support. Simon over-delivers on this course. 
Thanks, Simon, I've learned so much about #LinkedIn and made epic connections with the other people in your course. Simon, you always attract the best tribe and are a fearless ninja leader! You bring great leaders together and have delivered it in a simple and easily digestible way to learn. I highly recommend working with Simon and signing up for his LinkedIn course.

Tyler Martin

Simon's course was fun, educational, and thorough. His attention to detail in each class was great. As the course progressed, he kept adding bonus trainings that were very focused and super appreciated. 

I particularly liked Simon's course because what he teaches is exactly what he practices on Linkedin, and better yet, it's replicable. He's not trying to teach you to get high vanity metrics — he teaches a system to connect with people and create engagement.

Marek Shon

I was just a profile on Linked In. That was all I was, a placeholder in a social media world. I wanted to break out! I wanted to connect! I wanted to run rampant through the streets of this digital marketplace, but I did not know how!

There was this LI leveraging course I notice by the guy named Simon. I thought, “what the heck”! The reviews were stellar, so I decided to jump in!


Tori McDowell

Gotta give a shoutout to Simon & the last couple of weeks' "Bubble Homework". It helped me expand my thoughts in a lot of areas & now I have a whole honeycomb of ideas to play off of for content!  

Still building on it too!

(The Bubble Homework is covered in Module 4: Effective Content Frameworks).

Sabine Matharu

The course is getting me into action!

I keep monitoring the stats but that post with the hook definitey did much better than any of my content so far. I am noticing more people wanting to hang around me on LinkedIN - likes and comments.

Feel free to use this as testimonial material.

Tim Obrien 

I have trained with Simon Parsons on LinkedIn and the one thing I can tell you for sure is that the guy under promise in overdeliver. The amount of contact information you will get from him for any price he charges you will be worth it investment easily 10 times over.

I speak from experience. Not only have. I blown up my LinkedIn profile, but I’ve monetized tens of thousands of dollars based on my content.

Linda Goodman, Author of 'Why Customers Really Buy'

Simon, along with Danny Langloss, have recently launched The LinkedIn Advantage, an online training program that ranges from sharing a “how-to” overview of the basics to explaining posting best practices to introducing some really unique and insightful ways to think about content and engagement.
Unlike a great number of LinkedIn trainers, Simon and Danny have built their businesses based upon how they’ve come to understand and take advantage of LinkedIn.
LinkedIn isn’t their business ... it’s the tool they’ve figured out how to make work for them. And I think that’s what makes The LinkedIn Advantage stand apart.
While there are a great many knowledgeable LinkedIn trainers, Simon and Danny offer some innovative and fresh takes on how to approach a platform that is mystifying and intimidating to many. And their approach will help you frame your thinking.
In particular, I was fascinated with the “Becoming Magnetic” module that included many intriguing ideas I’d never thought about in the way they’re presented including Building Your Tribe, The Superhero Framework, and, Establishing Your Content Pillars. 
In my opinion, this course will help those who participate reap tremendous rewards for their investment of time.

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