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The LinkedIn Advantage

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Includes 5 modules with short and digestible lessons on these topics:
  • Module 1 - Rock your profile page! In this module we give you the exact strategy on how to optimize your profile from top to bottom. We will also help you optimize your search terms so that your LinkedIn profile generates internal searches as well as pulls you up in Google search rankings.
  • Module 2 - Becoming Magnetic! In this module we teach you how to create your LinkedIn persona an a way that positions you to be the guide, the mentor, the attractive character for your audience. 
  • Module 3 - Posting Best Practices! Inside this module we will help you know the algorithm, when is the best time to post and how often, plus different types of content and what works best, and how to get more engagement. 
  • Module 4 - Creating Captivating Content! This module we will go deep and show you all of our content secrets including Danny's 'post breakdown' and 'visual learning' lessons that sent his engagement and followers to the moon! 
  • Module 5 - Creating More Opportunities! We'll show you how to unlock more opportunities on this platform including speaking, consulting, podcasting, events, coaching, course creation and more! 
  • Bonus #1 - 50+ Content Ideas for LinkedIn! You'll never run into writer's block when you get this PDF.
  • Bonus #2 - get Danny's library of the most effective visual content, royalty free for you to use (delivery late Feb). 
  • Bonus #3 - Interview with Julie Hruska (voted one of the top 50 most impactful leaders on LinkedIn) as she tells the story of how she build her executive coaching business the day her yoga studio was shut down on March 17, 2020.

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